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Welcome to the Female Networking Association!

The Female Networking Association was established in 2014. We’ve been helping women to connect with each other for over 6 years. In that time we’ve seen countless women gain new revenue, form amazing collaborations and learn stuff which has helped them to grow.

The new Business Directory is another fantastic way for you to make important connections and build authentic relationships.

Online business directories are an amazing way of amplifying your business visibility. And also search engines like google treat business listed on directories favourably when producing search results.

Your listing can be completed at the time of creating a listing. However, your Listing can be amended at any time by logging in and going to your Listing in the Directory on the home page.  Your Listing will not be approved until it is completed. The listing is editable at all times.

Please note: If you do register for a featured listing, AND take advantage of the two other categories included in the price, you will need to edit both the standard and featured listings separately. This is due to the number of photos included in a featured Listing.

If you run a business that is location-specific, please ensure you include your location in the address field so your location can be searchable. 

Standard Listing

£10 (per year)

Standard listings are displayed in random order and are below Featured Listings.  

The standard listing includes:

  • One category
  • Your business name
  • Links to your website and social channels
  • 300 word of description
  • One photo
  • Additional categories at £5 per category

Featured Listing

£75 (per year)

Featured listings always appear at the very top of each category above standard listings to give your business premium exposure.  Even if there are not many businesses listed in your particular category initially, this could change. Grab a featured category to secure it for the future. 

The Featured listing includes:

  • One featured category
  • Two standard categories
  • Your business name
  • Links to your website and social channels
  • 300 word of description
  • Up to 3 photos

All standard listings are randomised. Featured listings will always be the first listing on the category page. Featured listings will also be randomised on the home page.

Why have a Business Directory on FNA?

  • Improve your SEO – Directory listings appear on search engine results pages (SERPS) for your company name, and point interested parties to your website. These also act as authoritative backlinks from your profile to your website.
  • Strengthens your reputation – Online buyers are always cautious about which companies they trust online. Business directories on a credible platform can be seen as a reliable source for finding high-quality businesses.
  • Improve your visibility – business directory listings are obvious conduits to local customers and a great way to leverage local SEO keywords. The more visibility you give your business, the more your ideal customers will find you.
  • Increase your discoverability – Prospective customers will consult an online business directory especially if they are part of a community. FNA has a 4000+ strong online community. You can maximise your visibility and give them every chance to discover and pursue you.